FestiFools Parade

The FestiFools parade was founded by Mark Tucker in April of 2007. The parade is a one hour event where community members are encouraged to be their most foolish selves. There are large puppets, luminaries, bands, belly dancers and on special years Mark Tucker can be found on a unicycle. Dom began volunteering at this event in 2017 when two of her friends, including Mitchel Dipzinski, took the FestiFools class offered at the University of Michigan. In this class, her friends made an over 20 foot long Trump sphinx with gay iconography painted on the sides and servant boy Pence with a rainbow skirt. Dom spent her days in the studio painting, cutting lots of cardboard and giving the occasional pep talk. Dom returned the next year in 2018 to assist in the studio but this time to help the class as a whole. Dom became famous for the oven pizza cooked to perfection at lunch time and a goddess at paper mache.

Below is a documentary made by Ryan Bennett and Cydney Gardner-Brown in 2018.